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The Kinderbase Story as a supplier is a nurseries best friend.

Armed with a single van bought at a car auction and a container full of nappies, original 'nappy boy' Chris Scott started delivering nappies and wet wipes to our first customers.

Kinderbase was originally focussed on ensuring day nurseries had the products that they needed, when they needed them.

The problem was that the products we supplied were too good and parents started to ask where they were being purchased from, therefore Kinderbase was reformed. The time had come and we couldn't hide any longer. There was even talk that parents used their little ones to act as spies and find out exactly how they could buy products from us.

Kinderbase now runs one of the most popular day nursery social network and advice communities in the UK, where parents can search for childcare and read reviews on nursery settings.

  • Kinderbase is a true nursery and baby expert:
  • We have thousands of top brand products at the lowest prices guaranteed!

  • We power the Nursery Community and offer expert tips and advice

  • We keep an up to date professional profile in our community if you work in childcare

  • We make friends with other Mums and Dads as well as buy great products